[Tex/LaTex] Texlive 2013, where to place custom themes?


So I have installed TeXlive 2013 following the steps here I was previously using my custom theme called beamerthemeEinstein.sty that I placed at
/usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/beamer/base/themes/theme then I run
sudo texhash and it worked amazingly.

Now with TeXlive 2013 my custom theme is not recognized, I get

! LaTeX Error: File `beamerthemeEinstein.sty' not found. 

Where should I place it now? Anyone knows where to place custom themes using the 2013 version? Many thanks!

Best Answer

The command

kpsexpand \$TEXMFLOCAL

will show you the path to the local system-wide tree which will not be modifed by updates of TL; it will usually be "next" to the texmf tree, as @sigur says.

kpsexpand \$TEXMFHOME

will show you the path to your user-specific tree, probably /home/(username)/texmf. (For more information, see TeXlive docs on user texmf trees, in particular the statement-by-omission that you don't need to refresh filename databases for new files in TEXMFHOME.