[Tex/LaTex] Tex capacity exceeded, sorry [input stack size = 5000]


This is the error I am getting since I have added some new references to my .bib file. I think is more than a filled stack. Any ideas? references.bib

It was requested a minimum working example but I am working on a template and it was quite difficult for me cut it out. This is my complete structure. The master document is thesis.tex and the problem is raised only under related_work chapter. If you have the time to look at it, I would highly appreciate it. Here is the complete document.

Best Answer

It seems that the PhDbiblio-url2 bibliography style does not want the url field to contain \url{...}. It takes care of the url formating itself, enclosing the contents of the url field in \href{...}.

If you have something like

url = {\url{http://example.com/}};

in you .bib file, the PhDbiblio-url2 style translates that into


which creates an infinite loop in the hyperref package.

The proper way to include url in the bibliography, when using this style, is just

url = {http://example.com};
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