[Tex/LaTex] Table subnumbering 1a, 1b, etc


I have a table that is too big to fit on a page without shrinking the text to unreadable sizes. As a result, I have split it in to two. I can't use longtable to do this automatically as I am also using \resizebox to control the text size.

Is it possible to set the table numbers to 1a and 1b rather than 1 and 2?

Best Answer

Since this seems like a one-off deal, just update the table counter and add the "sub-counter":

enter image description here

\setcounter{totalnumber}{4}% Just for this example
%\usepackage{hyperref}% http://ctan.org/pkg/hyperref
  \caption{Table before}
  %\renewcommand{\theHtable}{\thetable A}% To keep hyperref happy
  \caption{First caption}\label{first}
  %\renewcommand{\theHtable}{\thetable B}% To keep hyperref happy
  \caption{Second caption}\label{second}
  \caption{Table after}
See Tables~\ref{first} and~\ref{second}.

The lines commented out are just in case you use hyperref. It adds a modification to \theHtable, in order to avoid duplicate destinations from stepping the table counter backwards.

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