[Tex/LaTex] Table next to figure using subfig


I'm trying typeset a table next to a figure using subfig, but I cannot get them to align properly. I have found a similar(/identical) question here, but the solutions/suggestions do not seem to be applicable in my case as (a) I am using a fully-updated TeX Live 2013 distribution; and (b) I do not make use of the hyperref package.

Since the journal I am preparing this document for kind of forces subfig onto me, I would rather solve this without having to resort to using a different subfloat package.

The issue:

enter image description here

And a MWE:



      C1 & C2 \\ \hline
      A  & A \\
      B  & B \\
      C  & C \\
      D  & D \\
      E  & E \\
      F  & F \\ \hline
  \caption{Figure and table.}

\noindent Look at Figure~\ref{fig:figure-and-table}; it includes both a figure (Figure~\ref{subfig:black-hole}) and a table (Table~\ref{subtbl:the-table}).

Just to elaborate on my own silliness: I had already tried [b] but I didn't realise that it actually helped. On the top is what I got and on the bottom is what I thought I should get:

  Figure    Table

 |       |
 |       |
y|       |  
 |       |  C1 C2
 |       |  -----
 ---------  A  B
     x      -----
   (a)       (b) <- The subcaptions

 |       |
 |       |
y|       |  C1 C2  
 |       |  -----
 |       |  A  B
 ---------  -----
   (a)       (b) <- The subcaptions

So I thought that the bottom of the table would be aligned with the x axis instead of the x label, which I assume is impossible without some manual work. I'll just keep looking for a way to do that and ask again if I'm lost. :-)

Best Answer

Use the option [b] to align the table.


and the result is

enter image description here