[Tex/LaTex] symbol for a circled intersection? Like \oplus for the plus sign


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How do I put a circle around an operator?

Is there a symbol for a circled intersection sign? or an alternative way to render something like in the image below? Something like \oplus for the plus sign. I need to use this symbol inside a math environment as a sub index.

The result I am expecting is something like this: enter image description here

But with this symbol enter image description here instead.

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Ther is certainly a duplicate/related of this question which I can't find right now. For the time being I am posting this tikz solution.

%% Code borrowed from Altermundus http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/53698/
\newcommand{\ointersection}[1]{\tikz[baseline=(X.base), inner sep=0, outer sep=0]\node[draw,circle] (X) {$#1\cap$};}

\[m^{\Omega}_{i\myointersection j}\left(H\right)\]

enter image description here