[Tex/LaTex] Supremum of the infimum


Consider the following snippet:

$$\text{d}_{H}(A,B)  = \max\left\{ \sup_{a\in A} \inf_{b\in B} \text{d}(a,b),\sup_{b\in B} \inf_{a\in A}\text{d}(a,b)\right\}$$


In the output, the text under the inf's is significantly smaller then the one under the sup's. The same happens when I have it in an align environment.

You can see the same problem in the wiki definition of the Hausdorff distance. How can I have the typeset under the inf's and sup's in the same size?

Best Answer

To elaborate on @Philipp's answer: The mathtools package provides \adjustlimits, which corrects the spacing of the limits of two adjacent operators. In your example, you would use it like

\[ \adjustlimits\sup_{a\in A} \inf_{b\in B} \mathrm{d}(a,b) \]


Btw, if you are using LaTeX, you should use \[ ... \] instead of $$...$$ and \mathrm or \operatorname instead of \text for the d (so that it will not inherit properties (like italics) from the surrounding text).

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