[Tex/LaTex] Suppress page headers in one chapter


In a memoir document, how can I suppress the page headers for every page in one particular chapter?

However, I don't want want to use \pagestyle{empty} as recommended this answer, since I want the pages in that chapter to be formatted exactly like the other pages in the document (including having a footer, etc.)–just without the header.

Here is my current document:



% Headers and Footers




\makepsmarks{mystyle}{\createmark{chapter}{left}{shownumber}{\@chapapp\ }{:\ }}



\aliaspagestyle{title}{empty} % suppress the page number after \maketitle


\chapter{First Chapter}


\chapter{Second Chapter}

I want to suppress the header for every page in this chapter.



Best Answer

Add \pagestyle{plain} immediately after \chapter{Second Chapter}. You don't need to add \thispagestyle{plain} as this is (by default) done automatically by \chapter. (You do modify this behaviour for \frontmatter in your example, but switch back to the default chapter page style for \mainmatter. )