[Tex/LaTex] supervisor field on the page of the title with Beamer


I am editing a presentation of a research project, I am wondering if there is a field for "supervisor" on the page of the title, for instance \supervisor(which actually does not work)… If not, where do people conventionally add it?

Best Answer

As already mentioned by Marco Daniel, a field \supervisor does not exist in beamer. However, I would like to follow a different approach.

mregine on latex-community mentioned that you can just include the supervisors in the \author command which also lets you associate the affiliations to the supervisors. To make only your name appear in the footline, use the optional argument of the \author command. Thus, I would suggest a command like the following:

\author[author1]{author1\inst{1}\\[1ex]  {\small supervisor1\inst{1,2}}

I hope this is close to what you want.