[Tex/LaTex] \subsection{…}-result in line with following text


Hello this is my first question here.

Normally, if I write something like


it is displaid like


Now I want to achieve that this two elements are inline like

a) blabla

Is this possible?

Best Answer

Use \paragraph and \subparagraph:

\section*{This is a section}
\subsection*{This is a subsection}
\subsubsection*{This is a subsubsection}
\paragraph{This} is a paragraph.
\subparagraph{This} is a subparagraph.

Which results in:

Section and Paragraph levels

You can also number them by setting secnumdepth to 4 or 5.


Or you could use a 'numbered' list:

    \item \lipsum[2]
    \item \lipsum[3]

Which results in:

Alphabetized List