[Tex/LaTex] Subscript font size in Emacs TeX mode


In Emacs 23 TeX mode, subscripts and superscripts are displayed in smaller fonts. How can I configure Emacs to turn off this feature and use the same font size for all input?

Best Answer

You need to customise the "subscript face". To do it globally, do M-x customize-face, then hit return to customise all faces. That brings up a whole slew of options. If you search (usual Emacs search works) for subscript then you'll find the setting for subscripts (and superscripts should be nearby). Click on Show Face to see its details. There may be a sneaky way to copy from another face, but the easiest way is to find one you want and click on its Show Face to see its details (that's why I said to customise all faces, if you know just what you want then you can go straight to subscript and superscript). You can then save this for the session, or save it for all time, by clicking on the State button.