[Tex/LaTex] Stroke with variable thickness


Can you create lines with variable thickness (line width) in Tikz?
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This is possible but it's not easy and the control of the line width is not very fine but it's an idea and I think it's possible to get a better code. The code below is from an idea of Mark Wibrow to change the color of a line. I modified the code to change the width but if you only want to change the color this code is perfect :



         start color/.store in =\startcolor,
         end color/.store in   =\endcolor

\pgfdeclaredecoration{width and color change}{initial}{
 \state{initial}[width=0pt, next state=line, persistent precomputation={%
 \state{line}[width=.5pt,   persistent postcomputation={%


\tikz\draw[ line width=.4pt, decoration={width and color change,   
start color=yellow, end color=red}, decorate] (0cm,0cm) arc
(0:120:4cm) ;                                           


To modifiy this code you need to adapt \pgfsetlinewidth{\x/40*0.075pt+\pgflinewidth} enter image description here

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