[Tex/LaTex] Springer’s middot character


In the "Springer Guidelines for Authors of Proceedings", I found that:

Keywords: Please list your keywords here. They should be separated by middots, if possible. …

So I assume that the LaTeX source should look like

\keywords{keyword1 \middot keyword2 \middot ... }

What is the magic \middot here? Note that I made up the \middot command here and I am actually looking for a correct latex command to substitute it.

I would like to avoid $\cdot$ and I tried \textperiodcentered bud then there is no space between the dot and the following keyword. And typing \textperiodcentered~ also seems rather cumbersome.

Can anyone suggest what LaTeX command is expected? Surprisingly, I was not able to find it in Springer's documentation.

Best Answer

This example is found in a sample file that comes along with the author kit for some conference:

\keywords{First keyword \and Second keyword \and Another keyword}

This should result in a list of keywords separated by 'middots' as long as you use the llncs class file.

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