[Tex/LaTex] Speeding up LaTeX compilation


Usually I don't mind about LaTeX's compilation speed, because a paper of less than 20 pages is compiled rather fast. However, I am working on a large document – A report with more than 80 pages. Compilation times are starting to slow me down. I saw the couple of answers here on this topic, but most of my graphics are external and I don't use Tikz. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure what's slowing the compilation down, other than the amount of text and required layout.

  1. What's your best speeding-tex-up trick, other than externalizing graphics and pre-compiling the preamble?
  2. How can I know what's slowing TeX down?

Best Answer

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts... Apparently, the nice todonotes package that I used dragged Tikz along with it, and introduced a major slowdown. Switching to simple marginpars gave a nice speedup. It should be noted that this package is a performance Trojan horse.