[Tex/LaTex] Specifying path correctly for .bib file


Given the directory structure:

B-Galactosidase Report\LaTeX\Min ex\

My .tex file is inside "Min ex" directory.

My .bib file is inside the "B-Galactosidase Report" directory two levels above that.

Then what is the path I should specify for bib.bib in my .tex file? I think the syntax is tripping me up here…

I have tried

\bibliography{"../../B-Galactosidase Report/bib"}{}

which triggers the error

 Non-existent destination files:
      'citing with manual.bbl'
Latexmk: I WON'T RUN 'bibtex citing with manual' because I don't find the following files:

Best Answer

\bibliography{../../bib}{} is correct and works for me, after I correct an unrelated error. The .aux files needed to be cleared and I needed to ammend the bibliography style, then the above works. Thanks a lot guys for your help!