[Tex/LaTex] Special letters without changing Latex objects names


I am preparing a document in English.

In the preamble I have (amongst other things):

\documentclass[11pt, a4paper]{article}

There are two Icelandic words in the document containing the letters ð and Þ (uppercase þ).

So I change the preamble to my usual


But that changes the name of all the in-built beauties such as my \tableofcontents.

Is there an easy way around this perhaps by introducing a new language for only one paragraph?

Best Answer

The main language in babel is the last specified language:

\usepackage[icelandic, english]{babel}

But I would not use icelandic for just two words. The symbols can be used as macros or direct, depending on the loaded input encoding (package inputenc). Thorn is not available in font encoding OT1, therefore font encoding T1 is used:

Two Icelandic words with \dh\ and \TH.