[Tex/LaTex] Spacing around table and figure environments


I've got table and figure environments, some placed "here" with h and some arranged automatically. But all together I don't like the spacing above and below the figure and table environments.

I searched the internet and found tips to set abovecaptionskip and belowcaptionskip. Well since my tables and figures all have a caption below the actual table/figure belowcaptionskip allows me to set the \vspace between table/figure and the following text. But abovecaptionskip obviously just gives me \vspace between the table/figure and the caption, but not between the above text and the table/figure.

How to set the \vspace above and below table/figure correctly then?

Best Answer

You are probably looking for the length \intextsep (at least). This is the space that is inserted to separate floats from the surrounding text.

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