[Tex/LaTex] Smaller font size for appendix


Because of the large amount of appendix pages, I am looking to change the font size of my appendix text. Google'ing returns lots of links on how to change the title of sections, but I am talking specifically about the content text (paragraphs), the title size can remain the same. Any ideas? I am using scrbook and the appendix package.

Best Answer

Are you looking to change some definition in your preamble? If you just need it for a specific set of paragraphs, you can just use \small or a similar command like David suggests (with or without {}).

    \scriptsize This is text in script size.

    \tiny This is a different paragraph in {\small tiny size}, with a different sized section in the middle.
    \section{First Section}
    \section{Second Section}


For what the actual sizes are, have a look at this good answer here. I believe a section header is normally \Large, a subsection is normally \large, and a subsubsection is normally \normalsize so that might give you some perspective. A command like \sectionfont{\large} or \subsectionfont{\normalsize} should change the size of all the applicable headers after it.

For a more in depth answer, check out what Gonzalo had to say.