[Tex/LaTex] Skip to absolute position on line

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Is there a way to skip to a fixed position on a line? (a specific tab position)


The quick \skiptoposition{1.5cm} brown \skiptoposition{2.5cm}fox

which would put "brown" 1.5cm and "fox" 2.5cm from left margin?

Best Answer

The already mentioned tabbing package has the disadvantage that it cannot be used across paragraphs, for instance, in itemize environments, as asked in this related question.

However, the tabto package provides exactly what you are looking for via the command \tabto*:


  The quick \tabto{3.5cm}brown \tabto{5.5cm}fox
  \tabto{3.5cm}jumps too\tabto{5.5cm}far 
  The quick \tabto*{1.5cm}brown \tabto*{3.5cm}fox
  \tabto{1.5cm}jumps too\tabto{3.5cm}far 

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