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I'm writing a paper and I would like to add some citations. I would like to put references (like [21]) in the text that, when clicked, point to the relevant link in the bibliography section at the end of the document.

EDIT: I'm trying to use bibtex. This is what I have, but I'm not seeing any bibliography.




\include{intro} % here's the ~\cite{Nobody06}




And b.bib:

@misc{ Nobody06,
       author = "Nobody Jr",
       title = "My Article",
       year = "2006" }

Best Answer

If you use biblatex and its default citation style you get citations with numbers in square brackets. To load biblatex with default settings use \usepackage{biblatex}. You make a reference by using \cite (or one of the other citation commands mentioned in the manual). The reference/bibliography section is placed by \printbibliography.

To get clickable links you need to also load hyperref with \usepackage{hyperref}.

Here is an example:



    author  = {Donald E. Knuth},
    title   = {The {{\TeX}book}},
    publisher   = {Addison-Wesley},
    date    = {1984}






Output of example

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