[Tex/LaTex] Signature/date line with fixed width


I'm trying to create a signature and date line in a document. I need the date line to always be in the same spot on the page no matter what name is under the signature line, such as:

----------------------   ----------------------
Representative           Date

----------------------   ----------------------
Program Manager          Date

Here is the code I currently have:

\makebox[2.5in]{\hrulefill} \hspace {1.0in}\makebox[2.5in]{\hrulefill} \\
User Representative \makebox[2.5in][r]{Date} \\

\makebox[2.5in]{\hrulefill} \hspace {1.0in}\makebox[2.5in]{\hrulefill} \\
Program Manager \makebox[2.5in][r]{Date} \

I want to be able to change the names, such as change Program Manager to Joe Foo and have the word 'Date' stay in the exact place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm still a newbie at TeX so please forgive my ignorance.

Best Answer

You can use \makebox to set the text in a fixed amount of space. Below I have defined a SignatureAndDate macro to make this easier to use:

enter image description here

I used the showframe package to show the margins so you can see the placement relative to that.

    \par\noindent\makebox[2.5in]{\hrulefill} \hfill\makebox[2.0in]{\hrulefill}%
    \par\noindent\makebox[2.5in][l]{#1}      \hfill\makebox[2.0in][l]{Date}%
\SignatureAndDate{User Representative}
\SignatureAndDate{Program Manager}