[Tex/LaTex] Show all available fields in references


I'm using bibtex and I create my references with \bibliography{myref}. My question is what to do so that everything is shown.
An example:

author = {Clason,Christian},
title = {{Numerische Mathematik I}},
howpublished = {Vorlesungsskript},
url= "\url{http://www.uni-graz.at/people/clason/teaching/numa12/NuMaSkript.pdf}",
Institution={{Institut für Mathematik und Wissenschaliches Rechnen
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz}},

Do my BibTeX entry and LaTeX not show the Institution and the URL?

Best Answer

It is the bibliography style file that determines which fields of a given bib entry are shown. Some style files that show most standard fields of an entry of type @misc are plainnat, unsrtnat, and abbrevnat.

Addendum: As others have already pointed out, institution is not a standard field for bib entries of type @misc. (AFAICT, institution is recognized as a standard field only for entries of type @techreport.) BibTeX's rule for dealing with unrecognized fields is simple: they are ignored. For the entry at hand, you'll probably need to combine the information of your current howpublished and institution fields into a single, new howpublished field.

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