[Tex/LaTex] ShareLaTeX and biblatex


I'm writing my thesis with my friend but I'm having serious problems getting biblatex to work with ShareLaTeX, it apparently has support (according to this blog: http://www.clarusft.com/sharelatex/).

However, I can't get it to work properly, or at all to be honest.

I have included this in the top.

\usepackage[backend=biber]{biblatex} % I try to use biber.
\bibliography{ref} % the ref.bib file

Hi there, Stackoverflowers\cite{lol}

And here is my ref.bib file:

author = "Anders Ekholm",
title = "Den ljusnande framtid är vård",
year = "2010" 

This doesn't work.

I get the errors:

main.tex:55 Citation 'lol' on page 1 undefined. 
main.tex:274 Empty bibliography. 
undefined:undefined There were undefined references.
undefined:undefined [biblatex] Please (re)run Biber on the file: output and rerun LaTeX afterwards. (page 23)

Best Answer

Luckily, this answer is outdated, ShareLaTeX now supports biber. See the other answers if you still have problems.

jpallen wrote in the comment:

James from ShareLaTeX here. Sorry that we're a bit behind the times with our lack of Biber support. BibTeX should work though. I've bumped this up our todo list since I think it's catching people out. Feel free to drop us a support query directly if you ever have similar problems again.

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