[Tex/LaTex] Shared author footnotes in REVTeX


REVTeX automatically combines \email and \thanks macros into a single footnote, and uses the same footnote if multiple authors share the exact same set of macros.

Is there any way to force the \email and \thanks macros to have their own footnotes so that two authors can share the \thanks note?

e.g. I would like the author list to look like:

A. Author,a),b) B. Author,b) C. Author

a) Electronic address: a@example.com
b) These two authors
contributed equally

The Review of Scientific Instruments sample manuscript does this, however I cannot work out how to get this result in REVTeX.

Best Answer

Actually, if you just use \thanks{These two authors contributed equally} under both authors, ReVTeX should map them both to the same footnote. Make sure the text is identical. The code below worked for me, had to remove the email though.






\author{Roger Rabbit}
\thanks{These two authors contributed equally}
\author{Bugs Bunny}
\thanks{These two authors contributed equally}
%\email[E-mail me at:]{bugs@looney.com}
\affiliation{Looney Tune Studios}




String theory\cite{GSW} attempts to provide a theory of everything.


\bibitem{GSW} M.~Greene, J.~Schwarz, and
E.~Witten, \textit{Superstring Theory:
Introduction}, (Cambridge University
Press, London, 1985).