[Tex/LaTex] Shaded with “continue on next page”


I am using the shaded environment in the framed package to wrap some text lines that may go across two different pages. If there is a crossing of pages, I'd like to automatically add a line "(continue on next page)" to the first shaded box. Is there an easy way to do so? Thank you.

Best Answer

I recommend to use the newer mdframed package instead of the framed package. However, it also doesn't seem to have such a feature, but it might be done by patching \md@putbox@first and \md@putbox@middle.

Here something quick and dirty:



    \vbox to 0pt{\hbox to \linewidth{\hss(continue on next page)}\vss}%
    \vbox to 0pt{\hbox to \linewidth{\hss(continue on next page)}\vss}%