[Tex/LaTex] Setting up TexMaker on Ubuntu “biblatex.sty not found.”



I've installed biblatex via the command "sudo apt-get install biblatex". However I now get a partially generated pdf like this:enter image description here
instead of the desired output of:
enter image description here


I've found TexMaker very easy and helpful with the pdf file it generated whenever you pressed the "Quick Build" button.

Sadly when I started writing slightly more complicated scripts (my current Tex document) that required biblatex for references whenever I clicked on the "Quick Build" button I get the following error:

! LaTeX Error: File `biblatex.sty' not found.

Instead to build my pdf I need to type the following in the command line:

pdflatex test.tex
biber test
pdflatex test.tex

A similar question was asked here but I really don't want to use a script each time I need to compile my Tex document.

My echo $PATH is "/usr/local/texlive/2012/bin/x86_64-linux:/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games" and here is the current configuration of TexMaker
TexMaker commands
TexMaker Quick Build

Best Answer

This was clearly not the problem for OP, but since I came here via Googling, this might help future suffers of this message.

On my system (Linux Mint 17.2), my texlive installation didn't include biber and I had to run:

sudo apt-get install texlive-bibtex-extra biber

after which all ran fine.

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