[Tex/LaTex] Setting document width in Lyx


When I view my document in a PDF with pdflatex, my stuff is squished into like only 60% of the page, leaving the rest an ugly, unused whitespace. How do I fixed this (preferably in Lyx)?

Best Answer

There are two reasons why Lyx leaves a lot of space:

  1. By default uses a Latex class which, like most of the core Latex classes, has very generous margins, and
  2. It probably is making a conservative guess about your page size, as the intersection of A4 and letter size.

You can fix this by going to Document > Settings... and configuring the following options:

  1. Set your paper size to the actual size you want (under the Page Layout tab); and then either
  2. Fix your class to something more cramped, such as a letter or CV class (under Document Class); and maybe also
  3. Manually fix your margins (under Page Margins).
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