[Tex/LaTex] \section{} results in 0.1, not in 1.0


I'm having a bit of trouble with section numbering. When I use \section{} it starts at 0.1 rather than 1.0.

Here's my preamble:


Any thoughts?

Best Answer

The problem is caused because you are using a document class that has chapters, (in this case, report, but the book class would give a similar effect) but you haven't provided any \chapter command. In most classes that provide chapters, the section numbers are dependent on the chapter number (i.e., sections are numbered as chapter.section). Since you have no \chapter command the chapter counter is 0, and so the first section is prefixed with 0 also.

To solve the problem, either provide a \chapter commmand, or if you don't need chapters in your document, use a document class like article which doesn't use chapters.

Here's a sample document that shows the effect:

\documentclass{report} % change this to article to get the correct numbering
%\chapter{A chapter} % or un-comment this to get the correct numbering with report
\section{A section}
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