[Tex/LaTex] Second section/title in middle of beamer frame


I want to have a second section within a single beamer frame, to visually separate two concepts. Basically I want the frame to be two half-height frames (excluding the bits within the header/footer).

In a normal book/article document, I'd be able to use \section{} and this would actually print the section name. This doesn't work in Beamer – sections don't appear in the text.

I would like to have the same formatting as the frame title (or sub-title) for the second section/title (i.e. use the formatting from the beamer theme in use). I would also like the section to show up in the TOC.

Is that possible? If so, how?

Best Answer

Ok, so following the answer in Getting the color from a beamer theme?, I figured out a solution:

In the preamble:

\setbeamercolor{block title}{use={frametitle},fg=frametitle.fg,bg=frametitle.bg}

Which copies the frametitle colours to the block title.

Then in text:

\begin{block}{Section title here}
    \item some stuff