[Tex/LaTex] save/compile a few times and a bunch of weird files (like foo.tex.Ak6664) appear in the Dropbox folder each time


I need to compile between two and four times before I see changes I make in the editor (TeXstudio) and each time I compile, a new .tex file is created with random letters and numbers at the end.

For example, If I create the file hello.tex and compile two to four times I'll get the file,


then I make some small changes in the editor and compile two to four times I'll get the additional file,


After continuing to do this (each time compiling between two to four times before I see the changes I made), I now have many files that look like

hello.tex.QU6664, hello.tex.Ak6664, hello.tex.YX6664, hello.tex.sN6664, hello.tex.Ss6664, ...

A little bit of additional information (in case it's relevant): Everything was working fine up until a few days ago, i.e. only needed to compile once and only the file hello.tex was created. I still only get one .aux, .synctex and .pdf files. I use TeXstudio to write and compile. I don't think it has anything to do with the bibliography (I tried removing bibliography altogether and still having the same problem).

How do I prevent these additional files from appearing and only compiling once like I used to? Has anyone had a similar problem?

Best Answer

I have the same problem. According to the bug report, it seems to be related to a change in the way TeXstudio saves a file. What can you do? Two options:

a) Give up the cloud

... and simply work outside your Dropbox, as the OP suggested. You can still manually copy files into the Dropbox to back them up or share them.

b) Downgrade TeXstudio and keep the cloud

My (hopefully just temporary) solution: Downgrade to TeXstudio 2.10.8, which saves files the old way. I’m using the portable version in order to be able to run it alongside the current one.

Transferring your settings to the portable version is really easy: Find the settings file texstudio.ini and copy it to the directory of the portable version. (TeXstudio needs to be closed while you do that.) I’m not sure if you also need to import the .txsprofile file, if somebody can clarify that, let me know!