[Tex/LaTex] Rotate single PDF page when viewing


I got a Latex document which renders fine, some content is rotated using the turn environment from the rotate package. Everything works like it should.

Except: It know that it is possible to display a single page in a pdf in another orientation. The document viewer then rotates this page when viewing. This would help the readers of my document to read the turned text.

How is this possible? Perhaps somehow using the pdfpageattr command?

Again: I do not to want to rotate the content, I just want to tell the PDF-Reader that it should rotate the page when displaying.

Best Answer

You can indeed use the pdfpageattr command. You can do it as follows:


  \global\pdfpageattr\expandafter{\the\pdfpageattr/Rotate 90}

This will rotate the second page by 90 degrees. It should be obvious how to get different rotations.