[Tex/LaTex] Revtex – using math in footnote


How one can use mathematics in footnote using ReVteX?
I have a particular problem with \rangle

Minimal Example:

\documentclass[aps,amsmath,amssymb, prl]{revtex4-1}


TEST\footnote{footnote with math $ \langle X \rangle$ }


enter image description here

Best Answer

This happens only when the footnotes are inserted in the reference section. The problem is that \langle becomes written as \delimiter "426830A (and similarly for \rangle.

Those double quotes confuse the BibTeX parser.

There are a few strategies available:

  1. Safest. Enclose the math into \unexpanded:

    \footnote{footnote with math \unexpanded{$ \langle X \rangle$}}
  2. Safe. Use \protect before commands that can go after \left and \right

    \footnote{footnote with math $\protect\langle X \protect\rangle$}
  3. Hack. Enclose the math in braces.