[Tex/LaTex] Retrieve only chapter name in fancyhdr


In the tufte-book document class, I am having a hard time figuring out how to insert the chapter name in the header of right odd-numbered pages with the fancyhdr package.
Something like:

Chapter 2. Chapter title.

From the .def file:

% The 'fancy' page style is the default style for all pages.
\fancyhf{} % clear header and footer fields

I understand that \leftmark and \rightmark usually do the trick, but what's the exact command to get only the title of the chapter?

Best Answer

There are three bits of information for each chapter:

  1. \thechapter, which is the number. (For instance, 2 of "Chapter 2.")
  2. \chaptername, which is the current language equivalent of the word "chapter."
  3. And \chaptermark, the actual title of the chapter.

It looks like you're looking for \chaptermark. See also Section 9 of the fancyhdr documentation, especially Figure 3, which shows one way to do this:


Edit: After looking at this again, it looks like tufte-book doesn't even have chapter numbers. (This is where a MWE could have helped.) How's this?





\chapter{Sample Title}

\chapter{Another Sample Title}

\chapter{And One More}

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