[Tex/LaTex] Repository of TikZ shapes


TikZ shapes are extremely hard to create – even the documentation admits as much.

On the other hand, the selection of shapes that ships with the tikz package is pretty meagre – besides rectangles, circles, diamonds and regular polygons there isn’t much more. A split circle and a few strike outs is about all.

Is there an online repository of ready usable high-quality shapes?

For example, I’m searching for a tag shape and while this is of course straightforward to create myself1 it’s still a lot of work and most probably redundant since someone else must have needed the same shape aready.

1 I’ve already created a “document” shape with a dog ear in one corner based on the tutorial in the documentation. Including debugging and parameter tweaking, this has certainly taken me more than one hour.

Best Answer

I do not know of a central repository, however, there are a lot of examples at TeXample

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