[Tex/LaTex] Removing the enumeration of align text


I want to remove the number next to the aligned text produced by this code:

U & =c^\intercal G_1\\
V & =b^\intercal G_2,\notag

Which displays as follows:
enter image description here

Can anyone help me?

Best Answer

As with other environments that come with the amsmath package, align numbers each line of the equation, while the "starred" version align* does not print numbers at the end of each line. (Thus if you use align*, there's no need for the \notag in the second line.)

The command \notag, which is used in your example, instructs TeX not to number a line in which it is issued. That's why you have an equation number in the first line but not the second. In your case, another possibility is to use \notag on the first line (before the line break \\) as well. But the use of align* is preferred.

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