[Tex/LaTex] Removing a page numeration from Table of Contents

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In LyX, how can I make the pages numbers start from the second page? (i.e., making the first page, which is the table of contents in my case, not having a page number on it)

Best Answer

Since LyX (up to recent version 2.0.x) only supports globally changing the pagestyle (in "Document > Setting... > Page Layout") using TeX code/ERT is a workaround.

If the first page should not be numbered then insert the TeX code/ERT


at the beginning of your document (before the table of contents(TOC)). This will clear the page number of that page (see also https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/44153).

(To suppress page numbers for the whole TOC \pagestyle{empty} before TOC and \pagestyle{plain} after TOC can be used. Note that the last \pagestyle command on a page will take precedence over all \pagestyle commands on that page. Depending on your case another \thispagestyle{empty} after \pagestyle{plain} might be used.)

If the page numbers should be reset at some point, you can add the TeX code


on a (new) page / after a page break.