[Tex/LaTex] Remove vertical space between paragraphs for IEEEtran class for conference


I am using IEEEtran latex class 2-column format for conference. It gives me spacing between paragraphs which I want to take off.

I got the template from this link.


Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

I met exactly the same problem using IEEEtran for two-columns conference paper. Downloading the latest version of IEEEtran.cls from CTAN and replacing the original one solved my problem.

The version of IEEEtran in the ZIP file is

%% IEEEtran.cls 2011/11/03 version V1.8 based on
%% IEEEtran.cls 2007/03/05 version V1.7a

and the counterpart in the CTAN is

%% IEEEtran.cls 2012/12/27 version V1.8

There are many (non)trivial changes between these two versions. Hope it also works for you.