[Tex/LaTex] remove comma after the last author


I've finally manged to produce my custom \bibliographystyle (.bst) file. Below is the output (sample) of listed references. Is it possible to remove the comma after the last author (just before the year)? I would also like to get rid of "Literatura" title that is assigned as well. Any help appreciated.

Abbiati, M., Bianchi, C. N., Castelli, A., 1987. Polychaete vertical zonation along a
 littoral cliff in the western Mediterranean. Marine ecology, 8(1): 33–48.
Antoniadou, C., Nicolaidou, A., Chintiroglou, C., 2004. Polychaetes associated with
 the sciaphilic alga community in the northern Aegena Sea: spatial and temporal
 variability. Helgoland Marine Research, 58: 168–182.

Best Answer

Regarding the "Literatura" title: I suppose you're using babel like


In that case use \addto like:

  \renewcommand*{\refname}{Bibliography title}%

Depending on your document class either \refname (article) or \bibname (book, report) would be used. This definition applies to both of them.