[Tex/LaTex] Remove brackets from a single citation


I'm writing a manuscript using mdpi document class. The document class and .bst file for the citations is provided by MDPI Instructions for Authors. The citation style is chicago2.bst. Unfortunately I had to use an apud citation, for this I wrote:

\citep[\textit{apud} \citep{Key2}]{Key1}

And I got something like:

[1, apud [2]]

How can I get a citation like:

[1 apud 2]


[1, apud 2]

withouth compromissing the original files porvided by the journal?

Best Answer

I founded the solution.

Simply use the command \citenum{Key}

\citep[\textit{apud} \citenum{Key2}]{Key1}

then I got

[1, apud 2]