[Tex/LaTex] Referencing page number with only one reference


So I'm making this summary of a course where I've only been getting information from one book. Sometimes I want to show what page from the book a statement is taken from but I can't figure out a clean way of doing it.

Basically I would like to have something (in function) similar to:

"Statement[Book p123]"

Do you have any suggestions?

Best Answer

This is quite easy with BibLaTeX, though for a single reference, it may seem a little like overkill (then again, it'll get you familiar).

Here's a minimal example:

TeX File:



Reference to the book: \cite{kopka2003guide}, and something found on some page:

% The content of the [] brackets is arbitrary.


Bib File:

  title        = {Guide to LaTeX (Adobe Reader)},
  author       = {Kopka, H. and Daly, P.W.},
  isbn         = 9780321617743,
  year         = 2003,
  publisher    = {Pearson Education}



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