[Tex/LaTex] References not updating from BibTex


I have a quick question about updating my references from Bibtex. I am using TexStudio as my Latex editor.

I have to make changes to some of the references. I put the changes in the "references.bib" file. I then compile the Bibtex and the main document I'm working on. Sometimes the changes show up, and sometimes they don't, and I haven't figured out why. I have even gone as far as trying to delete the references by changing the filename, but the original references still appear. Here's what I put in my main document:

\newpage %Puts in References



My references.bib file shows all the changes I have made. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Best Answer

Sometimes you need delete all temporary files, like:

.aux, .bbl, .blg, .brf, .dvi, .ilg, .ind, .log, .out, .nav, .snm, .toc, .idx, .lof, .lot, .snm, .bcf, .run.xml, .vrb, ...

And recompile your .tex file:

latex  main.tex
bibtex main.aux
latex  main.tex
latex  main.tex

P.S. Look for some missing comma in .bib file.