[Tex/LaTex] Range of Dates (1999-01 — 2012-12)


How to typeset range expressed with dash of two ISO8601 dates ?




or another option ?

Best Answer

Of the two possibilities you offer, the first one — the one with the "en-dash" — is the (much) better one. In good typography, en-dashes are used (inter alia) to denote ranges of numbers, dates, years, etc. In contrast, em-dashes are frequently used to offset auxilliary, explanatory, or parenthetical thoughts. For much more on this subject, check out the question Dashes: - vs. – vs. — and the associated answers.

By the way, to streamline the typesetting of dates in various formats, including ISO 8601, check out the datetime package. For instance, the following MWE

\usepackage{datetime} % http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/datetime
\yyyymmdddate % instruction to typeset dates in ISO 8601 format

will typeset system dates automatically in ISO 8601 format:

enter image description here