[Tex/LaTex] providing a list of figure filenames used in tex file

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Is there a simple way of getting a list of figure filenames from a tex file? for example if I have included 10 png, 5 pdf and 3 eps files, is there a script that can output the filenames to a list so I can make sure they all get kept/moved to a different directory together? I've looked at the extract package, but that produces a tex file with the figure code extracted. I guess I can use 'grep', such as cat my.tex | grep eps, but just checking there isn't a standard tex command to do this.

Best Answer

the built in \listfiles does this:







produces a log of:

  ug.png    Graphic file (type png)
 eg2.png    Graphic file (type png)
 foo.pdf    Graphic file (type pdf)

On my system which happens to have files of those names.

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