[Tex/LaTex] Producing doc/docx from LaTeX


Is there any way to produce doc/docx files from LaTeX?

Best Answer

For my (word-loving) Thesis Advisor I always ran the .tex-Files through htlatex (as suggested by chl and Stefan). The resulting HTML-file can then be opened with Word and saved in the desired .doc or .docx Format. Since you've mentioned that you're on Linux, you might not have Word anyways, then you can also send the HTML file to the person doing the revisions, with instructions on how to open a .html and save as revised .doc.

For not too complicated files (not including figures and delicate macros) I also had great results using the awesome pandoc.

And just as a snickering remark: In the long run, it might be good to learn your revisor some LaTeX skills, have some kind of revision system (SVN, Git, etc.) and work on the same repository (but that didn't work out for me either :)