[Tex/LaTex] Problems with pdfLaTeX because of transparencies and transfer curves


I'm about to finish my report for this semester. My document inlucdes a lot of pictures and schematics from different (external) sources. Now the printery (prepress) is complaining about transparencies and transfer curves in my final pdf.

I know that transparencies and transfer curves are included in the images I use (mainly PDFs) and pdfLaTeX doesn't seem to reduce transparencies. Is there a way to tell the compiler to create a document that is suitable for professional printing? I included a list of the packages I used. Thanks for help!


\usepackage[colorlinks,pdfpagelabels,pdfstartview = FitH,bookmarksopen = true,bookmarksnumbered = true,linkcolor = black,plainpages = false,hypertexnames = false,citecolor = black]{hyperref}

Best Answer

With help of ghostscript, you can try these two steps:

  1. convert your PDF file from PDF to PostScript (default: level 2):

    pdf2ps document.pdf document.ps
  2. convert this PostScript file from PostScript to PDF v1.3:

    ps2pdf13 document.ps document-v1.3.pdf