[Tex/LaTex] Problem in Bibliography Style (apalike) and table of content COLOR

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I am using Latex for my thesis, and in Bibliography and table of content I have faced number of problems:

1-I am using natbib package and apalike style. I would like to cite references in following format:

For example:
In order to identify temporal faults, Feng et al.(2004) used biweight mean, biweight standard deviation, and z-score that was proposed by Lanzante (1996) to climate data analysis. The biweight estimate is a weighted average such that weights are decreased towards to the wings and tails of the distribution (Feng et al., 2004) and z-score indicates by how many biweight standard deviation an observation is below or above the biweight mean (Sprinthall, 2003).



DIGGLE, P. 1990. Time series: a biostatistical introduction, Oxford University Press.
EISCHEID, J. K., BRUCE BAKER, C., KARL, T. R. & DIAZ, H. F. 1995. The quality control of long-term climatological data using objective data analysis. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 34, 2787-2795.
EISCHEID, J. K., PASTERIS, P. A., DIAZ, H. F., PLANTICO, M. S. & LOTT, N. J. 2000. Creating a serially complete, national daily time series of temperature and precipitation for the western United States. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 39, 1580-1591.
FENG, S., HU, Q. & QIAN, W. 2004. Quality control of daily meteorological data in China, 1951–2000: A new dataset. International Journal of Climatology, 24, 853-870.

Plz let me know which style can address my requirement.

2-Moreover, citations in the text are connected by hyper-link to reference list. The problem is that I would not like to use color in thesis and these hyper-links are in blue.
I wanted to inquire how I can change the color to black.

3-I have the same problem with table of contents I mean all the table of content is illustrated by Blue and I should present all the text and numbers in black.
Plz let me know how I can change the color of texts in table of content into black.

================================table of content

\pagestyle{fancy} % The page style headers have been "empty" all this time, now use the "fancy" headers as defined before to bring them back

\lhead{\emph{Contents}} % Set the left side page header to "Contents"
\tableofcontents % Write out the Table of Contents



\lhead{\emph{Bibliography}} % Change the page header to say "Bibliography"

\bibliographystyle{apalike} % Use the "apalike" BibTeX style for formatting the Bibliography

\bibliography{Bibliography} % The references (bibliography) information are stored in the file named "Bibliography.bib"


Best Answer

\blindtext \blindtext \blindtext
        \caption{The Grand St. Bernard wireless sensor network deployment (a) the coordinates of nodes according to the Swiss coordinate system (b) the distribution of the nodes in the study site \citep{r33}}
        \label{fig:study area}