[Tex/LaTex] problem having copyright notice and header at the same time in IEEEtrans template


I have problem having IEEE copyright notice and Conference header both at the same time in the first page of my paper that uses IEEE Trans class.

I notice that \thispagestyle{fancy} makes the copyright notice disappear! when I comment it, I have copyright notice back but I miss the first page header (header starts from second page).

my code is:

\documentclass[10pt, conference]{IEEEtran}



\renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt} % no line in header area
\chead{12$^{th}$ Iranian Conference on Intelligence Systems, 4-6 February 2014, Bam, Iran}

\title{Paper Title Goes Here.}

Dept. of Math and Computer Science\\
Higher Education Complex of Bam \\
Kerman, Iran \\
Dept. of Math and Computer Science\\
Shahid Bahonar University\\
Kerman, Iran \\
E-mail: auhtor2@uk.ac.ir}
E-mail: author3@gmail.com}

978-1-4799-1228-5/13/\$31.00~\copyright~2013 IEEE


put your abstract in here...
semantic web, Internet, Security

%%% This line removes the copyright notice!!!


output with \thispagestyle{fancy}. header:yes copyright:no
enter image description here

output without \thispagestyle{fancy}. header:no copyright:yes
enter image description here

Any suggestion is appreciated. My last paper got published with this bug. no one noticed that! I don't want IEEE to reject publishing my next paper because of this stupid bug.

Best Answer

If the organizers of an IEEE sponsored conference want headers like this for their conference papers, they must have their own way to include them that is compatible with the IEEEtran class. I can't imagine they have suggested using the fancyhdr package, which conflicts with IEEEtran. @Werner's solution works but effectively overrides IEEEtran headers.

The conference option of IEEEtran removes running headers from your paper. This was their choice, I guess, and normally that should be respected --- they're the publishers and they should get what they want (or they should make sure that they implement what they want in the IEEEtran class that they provide).

If you have to use the conferece option and you absolutely want to have a running header, both in the first page and in all other pages, then I suggest that you get rid of the fancyhdr package and that you add something like the following to your preamble:

  % for all pages except the first
  % for the first page

  12$^{th}$ Iranian Conference on Intelligence Systems,
  4-6 February 2014, Bam, Iran

Also, I suggest that you end your lines with % in your \IEEEpubid, unless you want the copyright notice not to be right-aligned properly with the left column.

978-1-4799-1228-5/13/\$31.00~\copyright~2013 IEEE%