[Tex/LaTex] Printing >, <, and % in LaTeX


Please help me with this.
How to print >, < and % in LaTeX.
Backslash doesn't seem to work!

Best Answer

The glyphs < and > have usually no place in typeset text, except in mathematical formulas. In a math formula, < and > produce the right symbol:


will provide the right spacing and letter shape.

You can still get those glyphs in normal text with \textless and \textgreater, provided you load


However, I don't recommend using them outside math formulas. You might want to use \textlangle and \textrangle in text, that produce different glyphs

〈 and 〉

For these either you use math mode (they are called \langle and \rangle) or load


In order to print %, just type \%.

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