[Tex/LaTex] Print integer without fraction part


In a Tikz Figure, I'm doing some computation and want to print results as label of nodes.
The problem is that I only need the integer part of the number to print.

I tried with round() function. It round the values correctly but they are printed with .0

   \foreach \i in {1,2,3,4,5,6} {
      \pgfmathparse{round(\i*100/3) }
       \draw (\i,0) node {\theIntINeed};
 % Results: 33.0 67.0 100.0 133.0 167.0 200.0

Thank you in advance.

Best Answer

\pgfmathparse always saves its result with a decimal part. You can either use \pgfmathprintnumber{\pgfmathresult} in the node text to output the number, which will remove the .0 for integers, or do the calculation using \pgfmathtruncatemacro\mymacro{round(\i*100/3)}, which will save the result of the calculation without the decimal part, and then use \mymacro in the node text.