[Tex/LaTex] Possible values for \fontseries and \fontshape


What are the possible values for \fontseries and \fontshape? I'm aware of



But I'm sure there're more of them.

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Series, any combination of weight and width is [in theory] possible:

weight                    width
Ultra Light       ul      Ultra Condensed     uc    
Extra Light       el      Extra Condensed     ec    
Light             l       Condensed            c      
Semi Light        sl      Semi Condensed      sc    
Medium (normal)   m
Semi Bold         sb      Semi Expanded       sx    
Bold              b       Expanded             x 
Extra Bold        eb      Extra Expanded      ex 
Ultra Bold        ub      Ultra Expanded      ux


upright (normal)   n 
italic             it
slanted/oblique    sl 
small caps         sc
upright italic     ui
outline            ol 

It depends to the definition of the font, if there are less or more ... For the current TL 2012 we get the following values for the series:


and for the shape:


See comment below where Heiko lists some fonts which refer to the given values.

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