[Tex/LaTex] Positioning text to the right

beamertext manipulation

I want to position text further in the right in Beamer. For example I have a first line and I want the second line to begin somewhere in the middle below the second line.

Till now I have been using the command \,\,\, in math mode many times but this is not really efficient. Is there some other command I can use?

Best Answer

If \quad and \qquad don't produce enough indentation, you should try \hspace{<some length>}, where <some length> would ideally be a fraction of \textwidth, say, 0.2\textwidth or 0.333\textwidth.

A full MWE (minimum working example):

some text

\quad some text

\qquad some text

\hspace{0.2\textwidth} some more text

\hspace{0.333\textwidth} still more text

\hspace{0.5\textwidth} still more text
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